DSNY hires a few hundred Sanitation

Everybody wants to be a Sanitation Worker

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Most of the 1980s are out, the ones that got lucky and came in young or opt for the 30yr plan are still around, they leave in very small spurts. The 1990 and 1993 crew is mostly gone(small pockets are around). That only leaves the 1997 group that don’t want to or can’t, for whatever reason stay(we’ll see in 2017).

What are your chances?

If my calculations(educated guess) are right you might get to 2000 on that list on the low side, 5000 list number or lower would be my guess has a shot. On the high side(wishful thinking)maybe 5000-10000 depending on how long the list stays open.

What does your list number mean to you?

  • less than 1000: Almost certain you’ll get called.
  • 1000-5000: Good Shot at getting called.
  • 5000- 10000: Needs some luck(slim) to get called.
  • 10000+ Miracle(sorry), the longer the list goes the better it is for you to get called.

Murphys law is always rearing it head and throwing a wrench into things and sometimes the city has to keep the list open longer plus given to the fact that stuff happens to people also (move,pass away or just doesn’t want the job) those are the unknowns that will determine your chances. Good Luck!

List Number as of 11/27/2021(more or less) = 9496

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