February’s “Top Stories”

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Are they going to use it for evil?

The Ladies and the Sanitation Workers Photo Exhibit

Great Job Ladies, Thank You

Liza and Liz
Liza and Liz

Ice, Ice, and more Ice

It started with a whole lot of Ice and it made for a slow clean up, but we made it thru February with barely a scratch.

Dirty Dozen

Big changes, the biggest I have seen, job is being transformed into new tasks and standards, a few kinks to fix and they(NYC) will have reached their limits on how much we can handle.

Every day coming to work wondering what’s next, I could come in tomorrow and the City can say “that’s it” and guess what? That’s it!

There’s nothing that is going to stop this, I have to come to work every day and do the best I can and hope for the best, its not that I don’t feel for the lost positions, its just life throws us curves and you can’t make it in this world just hitting fastballs, you have to learn how to hit the curve.

All hope is to keep the Officers on duty and I really don’t think the recent Officers demoted want to come back, only time will tell. Lets hope and pray that the powers that be know what they’re doing. GBFC

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