Financial Panicking

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Probationary workers

This is probably the most affected group that we have of Financial Panicking, not all of us come to this job with money.

From what I see, this group is young has limited purchasing, credit and equity history.

Like most jobs you start from a point of nothing(no job means no money no money means no wants) those wants is one of the causes of some of those  anxieties some of us go through when you take on a career like this.

Just take care of what you need.

The next group is probably married, had a job but is losing money taking this job :-/ This group also has problems but the good thing about this group is that there is two people addressing the problem.

Single personnel will also go through their growing pains, but this group should be keeping good financial practices in play to avoid financial problems in their future.

Now put yourself in a new job where you are going to need to pay for your uniforms and other costs that come with a  “B” license and you can have a bad start on this job with your finances.


Take a deep breath.

What are my options?


Make a plan – A.S.A.P.

New York State Attorney General

Don’t s


Pay for advise(you’re broke, no need to pay someone to tell you that).

How to Avoid Landing in Debt

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