Fix it! DSNY Family Weekly V48

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Check that vehicle!

You come in and you see damage(s) on your vehicle that looks bad(not just scrape(s) unless its a new vehicle), you report it and they tell you its been like that(Oh No) this is not a good answer.

Reason: Someone is assigned that vehicle on another shift or another district and they report it, you are going to be require to make a statement on that damage! Even if the damage has been there for years, which makes for a very sticky situation because you were the last one assigned that vehicle, fair no, but that is how it works. Don’t take it personal. This should be filed under CYA!

December 2016

4th-7th. Turning colder.
8th-11th. Heavy snow in upstate New York, northern New England; heavy rain, possible thunderstorms farther south.
12th-15th. Cold; a few showers, flurries.
16th-19th. Unsettled initially; possibly icy, then clearing.
20th-23rd. Increasingly cloudy with possible heavy rains which could lead to widespread flooding.
24th-27th. Rain ends, then turning fair, colder.
28th-31st. Fair, cold initially, then becoming milder; comfortable ball-drop weather in NYC.

January 2017

1st-3rd. Unseasonably mild with some rain showers possible. Take an umbrella to the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia.
4th-7th. Some light snow followed by clearing skies. Lingering showers of wet snow, and possibly rain for Maryland and Delaware.
8th-11th. Mixed precipitation as a wave of low pressure moves along a stationary front.
12th-15th. Stormy, followed by fair, mild weather.
16th-19th. “Alberta Clipper” system delivers light snow with several inches of accumulation.
20th-23rd. Low pressure system takes an inland track; snow changes to rain.
24th-27th. Another storm heads inland and brings a wintry mix of precipitation.
28th-31st. Showery, especially for Maryland and Delaware.

In Loving Memory

Artie Mondella

Artie Mondella Superintendent Brooklyn South


Maurice R. Blackman  Former Tractor Operator Fresh Kills

John R. Soli

John Ronald Soli Retired Supervisor Brooklyn South 7