1996 Blizzard

Florida Living DSNY Family Weekly V2

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Supervisors – Retirees

Quarterly Statement from NYCERS for 10/1/15-12/31/15, take yours along with the other three quarterly statements and make copies. Write your Social Security Number on each copy and send to the following address:
Dept. 64-I
PO Box 9005
Lynbrook NY 11563-9005

This is for a reimbursement for your prescription rider which is $1000 if you’re under 65. If 65 or over then you will get $1100. If you’re missing a statement, contact NYCERS for another printout at 347-643-3000. ASO can be reached at 516-396-5525 or 718-204-7172.

DSNY Fraternal Memberships
Ask your delegate for them.

Money – Time Sharing

If you are interested in Time-sharing as an investment, DON’T do it. The only reason you should get Time-sharing is for use by you and your family. If you use your Time-sharing to enjoy the benefits of it, you will get your moneys worth if used right.  I have been using timesharing for over 10 years and my family has a lot of good memories from these places, how much is that worth? I don’t know, but for me it is priceless.
Again, I want to stress that if you plan right and use the plan right you could save some money and have a vacation you and your family couldn’t get nowhere else.

Are Time Share Vacations Worth It? Scams or Great Vacation Deals?

Vacation Photos

Maryland Mall Christmas 2015
dsny football
DSNY Strongest Football
CRITICAL PRESEASON MEETING…. This Sunday 1/17 at 10am Strongest Football is having a pre season meeting. Location is 2634 Gerritsen Ave, Brooklyn NY 11229 (Champions Fitness Center). Bring any Raffle money due as we have to prepare the super bowl prizes and finalize the jersey orders for this upcoming season. Spread the word, any new players/coaches are welcome. Start hitting the gym fellas our season is fast approaching!

Florida Living

Finally made the move to the Sunshine state. Been planning this move for 25 years and not exactly going the way I planned, but everything is falling into place, Thank God.

Somethings I have noticed this first month different from NY:

It seems that talking on the phone is OK, but not texting and boy do they do that(talking on the phone, and their driving shows it).
Cigarettes half the price.
The foliage and grass is green in the winter.
A white car is the choice.
There are a lot of handicap spots.


Special Waste Drop-Off Sites

The following items are accepted at DSNY special waste drop-off sites:

•Batteries, including automotive, alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable (don’t mix alkaline batteries with lithium or rechargeable batteries; see information below about handling batteries)
•Motor oil and transmission fluid (up to 10 quarts per visit)
•Motor oil filters (up to two filters per visit)
•Fluorescent light bulbs & CFLs
•Latex paint (up to five gallons per visit)
•Mercury-containing devices (up to two per visit)
•Passenger car tires (up to four per visit)
•Electronics (covered by the disposal ban)



1996 Blizzard

Death in the Family

Ronald Nathaniel Gibbs Retired Sanitation Worker Bronx 5

John Anthony Nuzzi

Gennaro Primiano Retired Sanitation Worker Brooklyn South 6

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