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Tornado Season is here!

Yep, now that I’m in Florida I have to think of these things. But its just not me that should be concern, if you are going on vacation to an area where these storms occur you should be aware and be prepare.

Tornado Watch – Tornadoes are possible in and near the watch area. Ask questions of the hotel or locals on where to go.
Tornado Warning – A tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar and you should be headed to safety.

For more information visit some of these sites for more information on these storms.
Red Cross

Reading the tea leaves.

Promotions are being done and normally that wouldn’t have an effect in hiring, but in this case I think it will help in speeding up the hiring of new Sanitation workers. Throw in expanded recycling, buying of more equipment(small plow machines) and of cause retirements and you have all the signs of a big hiring year coming. If not before night plow surely after the winter season when the class of 1997 has their time in.

PS: 1997 was a big hiring year!

It looks like a Summer Class might go in! God willing.

Prayers going out to the following and their families wishing them a speedy recovery.
David Kirchein
Joey Ohh

For all eyes especially if you are getting ready to retire soon!

Supervisor and Superintendents

Retired Supervisors and Supers
In Loving Memory

Edward Ostrowski President of Local 831
Nicholas Tedeschi Retired Supervisor QE10
Jeffery Gittens Retired Sanitation Worker QW9
Zelig J. Wexler Retired Supervisor BX8 and Former President of DSNY Hebrew Spiritual Society
Alfred F. De Petrillo Retired Sanitation Worker BX10
William Gibson Retired Sanitation Worker MN8
Jimmy Harris Retired Sanitation Worker QE12
Frank McHale Retired ABS
Louis DiBella Retired Sanitation Worker
Donald “Skip” MacDonald Retired Supervisor SI3
Gary Nicholls Mechanic BME

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