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      First I would like to say, the chat program has been improved, hopefully I could help with some answers. If you submitted question before 12/15/16 your question might not have been answered due to the program being deactivated until they improved the chat program(which they have), so I will try to make contact with those people that submitted questions and see if they found the answer or if I can help in any other way. Again my apologies for this problem. Like I said the program has improved and I have activated it only for logged in users. I wasn't able to tell when someone was on before and I think it has been fixed, so I will see how this goes and with fingers cross I will try using chat program and see if it will help in answering questions. If for whatever reason I am not on please leave a message and/or use contact form . You can also reach me at MyDSNY Facebook page.
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      This forum is for district(s) group discussions only and will be used for only those groups, you must belong to a district to use. Moderators and Administrators are needed for these forums first.
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