Frosch Kids

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Thank you!!!!! You rock!

Thanks for all these daily votes. We’re hoping to keep the pressure on (all without Facebook, wow! Our friends are the best!)

Right now the Frosch kids are ranked #4, #4, & #1 in the U.S., in there respective age groups. It would be so cool if even one of them wins the Grand Prize, a “shoot!”

My friends have sent them soaring near the top quickly!

You guys are great!

Any more help until Oct. 31 would be fantastic!..(On the actual PC or Mac is the best way to vote.)

Steven ID# 114888
Charlize ID# 114980
Fredrica ID# 115256

If a spouse or friend would also like to help by voting, please be sure to forward this e-mail to them.

~ Bina & Steve



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