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Sanitation Officers Association

By Mail:

96-10 Linden Blvd.
Ozone Park, NY 11417

By Phone: 718-837-9832
By Fax: 718-837-9347

Always send copies

Forms/documents can be submitted electronically using the following link:

Every three months you get a Quarterly Statement from NYCERS. Save them, then put your S.S Number on them, make copies and mail in as soon as you have the full years worth to:
ASO Po box 9005 Lynbrook N.Y. 11563

In April you will get a check it will be for 1000 if regular pension under 65.

If over 65 or on SSD you will get 1100 If you have the Rider .

If you retire in the middle of the year and do not get all (4) Quarterly statements, then mail in the months you get. October thru December must be sent in.

If you are missing the quarterly pension pay stub statement. Call the Retirement System @ 347-643-3000 ask for print out.

If you go on Disability or Three months before you turn 65 you will get your Medicare card in the Mail.

Make copies of the card and mail to 22 Cortlandt Street , Office of Labor Relations, N.Y. N.Y. 10007.

In August you will get a check for 1150 Dollars in the Members name.

When your Spouse turns 65 make a copy of their card and also mail to above addresses. An additional PARTIAL amount will be added to the members check.

health-benefits-application.pdf (

  • You pay up to 750 a year.
  • This breaks down to 300 per 90 days of your first hospital stay.
  • If you go back in the hospital in less than 90 days you do not pay the 300 again.
  • Total for the year will be 750, nothing more.


If you are using Cobra to insure your under 29 dependent, you could use Union to help you with your dependent with their Eye and Dental and use the Union Cobra benefit. Note: You must apply before your close of business(Retire).

Deferred Comp Right For Retirees, Too

Deferred Comp Trustees keep the costs of operating your plan to a bare minimum. They know that a dollar not billed to you for plan expenses is a dollar available to you for your personal use during your retirement.
Joel Frank The Chief August 8, 2014

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