44 Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004

All department employees covered by PAP 2007-04 must contact the S.S.L.U.

When requesting authorization to leave the house, and upon returning from authorized leave.

When responding to a “NOT AT HOME NOTIFICATION” (DS424) left by a S.S.L.U. officer or other authorized personnel.

YOU MUST CALL 212-785-1013


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To request change of address (permanent or temporary during illness) 212-437-4874

Special problems and/or request 212-437-4874

Authorization to leave home and upon return (212) 785-1013

If not home when visited (212) 785-1013

Things to Keep in Mind.
Must sign in by 9:00am(unless given an appointment for another time), MDA must sign in by 8:am.

Must have all documents pertaining to the sick leave.

Must call District if resuming the next day.

General information and resumptions (212) 437-4828 / (212) 437-4837

Hospitalization (212) 437-4831 L.O.D.I. Billing (212) 437-4893

Workers Compensation (212) 437-4859 Nurse’s Station (212) 437-4841 / 42

Reporting Medication (212) 437-4841

Protect yourself!

Take pictures.

Statement or information.

Have supervisor come to scene and see what caused your accident.

Report everything that hurts to the ER.

If anyone has a question about a LODI, please feel free to call Mr. Strier. Don’t wait! If it involves the City of NY, you have 90 days to file a Notice of Claim. If it involves a City vehicle, you have 30 days to file a No-Fault Application (why loose out on all of that lost overtime?!) www.SanitationAttorney.com

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Fax 212-437-4825 or 212-437-4826

Download (PDF, Unknown)