44 Beaver Street New York, NY 10004

Fax 212-437-4825 or 212-437-4826

All department employees covered by PAP 2007-04 must contact the S.S.L.U.
When requesting authorization to leave the house, and upon returning from authorized leave.

When responding to a “NOT AT HOME NOTIFICATION” (DS424) left by a S.S.L.U. officer or other authorized personnel.

YOU MUST CALL 212-785-1013

Sanitation Sick Leave Unit
To request change of address (permanent or temporary during illness) 212-437-4874

Special problems and/or request 212-437-4874

Authorization to leave home and upon return (212) 785-1013

If not home when visited (212) 785-1013

Medical Division
General information and resumptions (212) 437-4828 / (212) 437-4837

Hospitalization (212) 437-4831 L.O.D.I. Billing (212) 437-4893

Workers Compensation (212) 437-4859 Nurse’s Station (212) 437-4841 / 42

Reporting Medication (212) 437-4841

Things to Keep in Mind.
Must sign in by 9:00am(unless given an appointment for another time), MDA must sign in by 8:am.

Must have all documents pertaining to the sick leave.

Must call District if resuming the next day.

Protect yourself!

Take pictures.

Statement or information.

Have supervisor come to scene and see what caused your accident.

Report everything that hurts to the ER.

If anyone has a question about a LODI, please feel free to call Mr. Strier. Don’t wait! If it involves the City of NY, you have 90 days to file a Notice of Claim. If it involves a City vehicle, you have 30 days to file a No-Fault Application (why loose out on all of that lost overtime?!)

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