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  • Timothy Dillon District Superintendent
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  • Ronald Loock
    Ronald J. Loock Sr Retired Sanitation Worker Manhattan 2
  • New York City Memorial Day 2014 New York City
  • Martin J. Giblin Retired Supervisor Office of Public Relations
  • Dan O'Hagan Retired Supervisor Bronx 10
  • Anthony Masterpalo DSNY
  • Dominic Bonomonte Retired Supervisor Manhattan 4
  • Merry Christmas DSNY 2013
  • DSNY 911 In Remembrance
  • United States Marine Corps Museum
  • Richard (Sully) Joseph Sullivan Retired Sanitation Worker MN06
  • End of Summer 2017
  • Louis Gagliotto "Gags"
  • Michie Stadium, U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York.
  • In Remembrance 2018
  • Fix it! DSNY Family Weekly V48
  • Vincent A. DeBonis
  • George E. Kelly Retired Supervisor
  • Anders Updale Sr. Retired Supervisor BWD Freshkills
  • Memorial Day 2014
  • Mock Snow Storm DSNY Family Weekly V47
  • Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
    National Mall and Memorial Park
  • Felony
    NYC Unknowns
  • May 2014
  • Louis Charles Molinari Jr Retired Supervisor
  • Louis Huerta Retired Sanitation Worker BK16
  • William Glover Retired District Superintendent Manhattan
  • My Top Ten Moments in my first 20 years
  • American Flag
    American Flags In Need Of An Honorable Retirement
  • Saint Sanitation Worker
    DSNY and Sandy
  • Kenneth (Kenny) Paneto Retired Sanitation Worker BK1
  • Irreverent Warriors NYC
  • James Theurer DSNY
  • Dennis Meade Retired Sanitation Worker Staten Island 1
  • Alfonso C. Stabile NYC Council Member Former Sanitation Worker
  • Bobby Mentz Retired Sanitation Worker Queens East 8
  • Joseph Nicholas DiCarluccio Retired Supervisor
  • DSNY New Jack City 2015
  • William Jahns DSNY
  • Thomas Eagen Retired BME Blacksmith