“I don’t want to go out as a sick person,” he said. “I can still go out to an affair with my wife and dance, and I can still throw a ball.”

Edward Ostrowski, the head of the New York City sanitation workers union

Goal not a life style

I have come to that conclusion, If you ask some of my friends, they say that I’m already retired I just don’t know it. Retirement looks over rated, it’s not the end all for everybody, if the big bosses could stay on this job forever, so can I. The most important thing is to be happy in what you do, period, or you are just going to spend your last years on this earth in misery. So when should I retire?

The main questions should be asked by the individual should be:

Q. How many years to 62 years(minimal social security minimal qualify)?

A. For the simple reason that these monies will help in keeping you out of trouble(rent, food and health).

Q. Can I physically and mentally make it to that date?
A. If you stay because you can’t afford to retire, and stay and get more sick physically or mentally, the chances of you enjoying the latter years in life are very slim.
Q. Can I afford it? Is there ever enough money?

A. All you need is rent, food, clothing and most importantly health.

Q. What am I going to do when I retire?

A.Stay busy/doing something we like will help.

Q. Do I want to do it(stay that long)?

A.If you stay and don’t have the drive to do your job, you will be miserable and pay for it with your physical and mental health, its best you put your best foot forward and enjoy the ride.

Sometimes the last one is not asked, and the person ends up spending his/her last few years miserable and making everybody around them the same, those are the ones that should be forced out. Well lets see if I can help figure this problem out.

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