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GU: Garage Utility

Before cuts to the garage, all garages had a least 3 S/W on the 8-4 and 2 S/W on the night shifts taking care of practically everything that was needed to make it through the day/night.

  • Wrecker
  • Gas
  • Garage Utility

As far as working in the garage as a Supervisor, Mechanic, Super or Sanitation Worker working in the garage for the day there is nothing better than having the regular GU around.

Question: You’re out there in the middle of nowhere stranded and you’re freezing your butt off, no matter what your title is “Who do you want to see?” the first choice that comes to mind might be a mechanic, well not to knock mechanics but what if the mechanic can’t get you started. Give me that GU with the wrecker anytime, I know I’m out of there and back on the road and warm.

Blizzard 21010 121

I can honestly say that I have learned a lot from these people in my career, they might not have all the answers but when it comes to difficult situations around the garage or in the streets they do come to the rescue.

A lot of the Supervisors started as a GU which should give you an idea on what you can do to improve your chances of passing the next Supervisor exam.

In Loving Memory


Gerald Carannante Retired Assistant Chief Bureau of Operations

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