Happy New Year DSNY 2017

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Coping with working on the holidays

Easier said than done πŸ™ these are always trying times especially for the guys/girls just joining a work force that has to work on the holidays.
Some of my hardest days were working on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve on the 4-12 shift, just because everybody was out there celebrating and you would run home ready to party and everybody is pooped out when you get there and ready to end the night :/ just not right!
Silver lining to this problem these days are on your phone, download an app like Facetime/Skype/Tango or a similar app and join the party, at least you can see and speak to your friends and family while they’re having some fun, especially for those that have small children, it will make your time working a little more bearable πŸ™‚

No person is a failure who has friends πŸ™‚

Have a safe New Year's Eve πŸ™‚
Safety First Safety Always

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