Happy Thanksgiving 2019

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I always saw Thanksgiving Day with a little more than just another holiday type of feeling, It seems like I always start thinking of things I am thankful and grateful for and start reflecting on the year that just past. This year is no different.

I really am especially thankful this year and I’m looking for the coming year with a chance to be a great one. DSNY is still on my mine and still holds a part in my life(pension), but, I continue to use it as a means to an end type of situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I still stay in touch with the boys and girls during the year, but my main concern and focus is my wife and family. I see it like I spent 24+ years helping DSNY keeping the lights on(barely), and now its someone else turn.

The plan was for April 2020 to be the start of the retiring life but with the 20 year plan popping up early in my career I got to see some of the promised land, with somewhat good health. Best thing to happen to DSNY, some of those guys getting out after 30 years were not in the best of health or shape back then.

Going on 6 years retired and some days it seems like yesterday and other days it seems like it never happen. Overall, I still think it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made(retiring). The decision wasn’t done without a little shove from my bosses, so I would like to Thank them for their support this Thanksgiving , lmprao 🙂

Wishing everybody a great Thanksgiving Day.

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