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Yes, its always a good idea to have someone looking out for you no matter what job you have, it doesn’t hurt. I was lucky enough to have people looking out for my best interest, but there’s always that one that you really can’t help, but annoy. And that one I will call the Anti-Hook.

These are the 3 major ways a hook comes into your career.

  1. Friendship Hook: This hook is one that you get by having a friend who has authority or some pull.
  2. The Work Hook: This one you get by doing good work or looking out for someone that has authority or some pull.
  3. Fraternal Hook: This hook you get from going to meetings.

Anti-Hook: This one is the one you want to avoid at all cost, this one will go after you to hurt you and your career.

You will hear now and then people say they don’t have a hook but for the most part, you really need some kind of help now and then if you plan on moving up. It also comes in handy if you are constantly in some form of trouble, but in this case even a hook gets tired of bailing you out, which brings me to the only rule you should follow, Don’t use your hook until you defiantly need some help!

In my case I had one of each, but I don’t remember asking them for any help, but they were there when something came up, to assist in my defense.

Final Though

People that take pride in there job don’t need a hook, but it never hurts to have someone on your side.

In Loving Memory

Michael F. Grossman

Michael F. Grossman Sanitation Worker Brooklyn North 4

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