How Much Is Your Wallet Worth?

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Well How Much? Well lets see what we have in the wallet, and what we have to do to replace all that paper and plastic.

At the DMV

First, the Driver licenses is the biggest problem but not the first thing you take care of, call the bank and credit card companies first, then the Police report is next on the list. You need to get a replacement license or a temporary one from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE! – You will be ticketed if you drive without having a valid driver license or permit in your possession.

If you need to drive, we recommend that you visit a local DMV office to place your order so you can get a temporary license. You can only get a temporary license at a DMV office.  Visit NYDMV for further information

Now that you have your driver’s license, what’s next? Your Badge and DSNY ID, you are first required to reported them stolen/lost to the your immediate Supervisor and Police Precinct where you lost it, and with the incident report the precinct gives you, you go to immediate supervisor, he/she will inter give you a DS 180 “Request for Photo ID Replacement”, after filling out the form, he/she (supervisor) will send DS180 to the appropriate dept. Next, you must go to the FIAT’s office for a replacement badge with a money order for your badge, FIAT’s office at 125 Worth St. NY, NY 10013

Theres nothing worst than going thru the ritual of replacing, cards, phone numbers, badge, throw in a whole lot of cash, and you have a very bad experience to remember:(

Don’t forget those Credit Cards, the sooner you take care of them the better!

Steps to Take If You’re Dealing With a Lost Credit Card

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