How will my day go?

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1 hour till start of the shift.

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Time to start thinking garbage, first things first, clean my behind, it makes for a better shift for everybody.

Riz is in the garage, that’s a good thing, he’s keeping a good face amid all the chaos that is being felt by many around the job these days, but especially the Officers and he is doing OK, I think. Odds of him making it are getting better by the day, they weren’t good a couple of weeks ago.



Saturn never had a chance, weather was in our favor, considering the alternate scenario forecasted. No O/T on this one, but I got a chart in there. wlEmoticon-smile.png






Have to close the shop tonight, Ernie is back and that’s a plus for me, so far so good, but I haven’t gone in yet, these are the hard days, had a long week and looking forward to a couple of days off, its been a hard winter with Storm Sandy and DSNY trying to reinvent the wheel. STRESS!

0015HRS Sunday – Comedy Shop is closed  wlEmoticon-smile.png

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