In Remembrance 2019

In In Loving Memory by Samuel RiveraLeave a Comment

Michael O’Sullivan Retired Supervisor CTU

Maria Elena Diaz ( Quintero) Retired Manhattan 7

Artie Hale Retired Sanitation Worker Bronx 6

Virginia Jugo “Ginger” Borough Clerk Brooklyn North

Joseph J. Ascher Retired Sanitation Worker Old District 44

Willie Green Sanitation Worker Brooklyn North 8

Carmine Tufano Retired Supervisor Queens West A

Joe Siano Retired Queens West Borough Clerk and President Columbia Association

Mathew C. Jakubowski

John Connolly Sanitation Worker Section Shop Steward

John Smith Sanitation Worker MW4A

Sean Landers Retired Supervisor Manhattan 10

Kenny Ignazio Cali Retired Superintendent Fiat

Steven “Sully” Sullivan Sanitation Worker Queens West 4

Thomas V. Hutton Retired Sanitation Worker Staten Island 3

Frank Anthony Merola Retired Sanitation Worker Bronx 8

Frank Scudieri Supervisor Brooklyn South 14

Stephen Melville Retired Sanitation Worker Queens West 5

Joseph Calvacca Sanitation Worker Queens East 7

Dennis Cleary Retired Assistant Chief Bronx Borough

James N. Molinelli Retired Sanitation Worker Staten Island 3

Gary E. Smith Retired District Superintendent Queens East Borough

Edward J. Thaisz Sr. Retired Sanitation Worker Fresh Kills

Harold Golden Retired Sanitation Worker Queens East 10

J. Platt Sanitation Worker Brooklyn South 17

Anthony Recine

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