It’s a Family Affair

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Have you ever wondered how many people on this job is related, well its more than you think. Here are just are few over the years I have run into in one way or another. Starting with our Commissioner.

Commissioner John J. Doherty and son John
D/C Gary Falconer and son Jason
Superintendent David Averack and daughter Christine and son David
S/Ws Vinny Tanzi and father Al
S/Ws Alfred and Steven Destafano Brothers
S/Ws Joe Mosca and Joe son.
S/Ws Mark and Mike Ruiz Brothers
S/Ws Joe and Chris Rampulla Brothers
Supv. John and S/W Tom Dangelo Brothers
Supv. Ricky Wenzel and S/W Son Ricky
S/Ws Craig and Keith Mifsud Brothers
S/W Frank Sircasano and Son Supv. Mike Sircasano

Patrick and Mike Murphy

And what do I attribute this phenomena to, coincidence, luck, somebody knowing somebody, smart genes in the family, maybe a little of everything wouldn’t hurt. It’s like that in other government services, and in the private sector also. Some other notable DSNY families: Salvati, Carolan, O’Brien, Englert.

Famous Family within a Business.
Alou Brothers

The Jacksons
The Kennedys

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