It’s a Family Affair

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Have you ever wondered how many people on this job is related, well its more than you think. Here are just are few over the years I have run into in one way or another. Starting with our Commissioner.

Commissioner John J. Doherty and son John
D/C Gary Falconer and son Jason
Superintendent David Averack and daughter Christine and son David
S/Ws Vinny Tanzi and father Al
S/Ws Alfred and Steven Destafano Brothers
S/Ws Joe Mosca and Joe son.
S/Ws Mark and Mike Ruiz Brothers
S/Ws Joe and Chris Rampulla Brothers
Supv. John and S/W Tom Dangelo Brothers
Supv. Ricky Wenzel and S/W Son Ricky
S/Ws Craig and Keith Mifsud Brothers
S/W Frank Sircasano and Son Supv. Mike Sircasano

Patrick and Mike Murphy

And what do I attribute this phenomena to, coincidence, luck, somebody knowing somebody, smart genes in the family, maybe a little of everything wouldn’t hurt. It’s like that in other government services, and in the private sector also. Some other notable DSNY families: Salvati, Carolan, O’Brien, Englert.

Famous Family within a Business.
Alou Brothers

The Jacksons
The Kennedys

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      Sorry for not writing to you sooner Jimmy, first, legally I don’t worry about the legal stuff of this blogging stuff, this is all new to me and I am learning on the way, you were the first to bring this question up, and I knew I had the legal system on my side, because of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and I have been reading of blogging problems and been refering to the Legal Guide for Bloggers, and speaking to a lawyer, and from what I understand, we are public employees and that puts us under the micro, and anybody could write about us as long it is no malice, libel or slander involve, and that’s not what I’m about or this story, but you brought up a good point which I had considered before and after this post and I would take it into more consideration in the future. Thank You for your correspondence.

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