Its time to knock out some Manholes

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One thing I definitely remember is that noise when I hit a manhole, you will never hear a noise like this again(unless you hit another manhole).

Personally I think they should put this into the training regiment in FBF(its not really that bad) the problem is it usually gets you by surprise and the first thing you say to yourself is  “What the hell did I hit!”.

Keep in mind its not the cover you hit, its what holds the cover, my recommendation is that you double check that manhole you hit and make sure you don’t leave it unattended if you knock out the cover, call it in and make sure its put back before anybody gets hurt if at all possible.
On top of that check your plow set up and make sure everything is OK including any missing, bent or loose parts – usually its our equipment that loses that battle.

This is also includes F.E.L.s.

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I don’t know what the Department policy is on this but you should not try to put back that manhole cover by yourself because of your safety and you don’t want to get hurt in the process, those things are heavy.

Have A Safe Night Plow

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