July’s Top Stories “The Missing Air Conditioners and the Heat”

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Yeah! Slow Month, the top stories were the Heat and the summons of a 73 year old lady and her nephew received  for removing an air conditioner from the sidewalk with permission from the owner of said air conditioner, doesn’t sound too interesting at first, but it has some humor, and some lessons to be learned.         

Boom! $2,000 fine and the impounding(taking) of said vehicle. Boy! have things gotten bad around here(NYC), well the message here is nothing personal, just business.         

Everything turned alright after charges were drop and common sense won.                 

 Picking Up Used Furniture From The Curb Could Cost You!     


Well the real news for me, was those sanitation workers falling left and right with the heat, at 6 we had two heat related(it happened while it was hot) and one of the guys in M3 in the hospital for a month, which also happen in the heat, two of them heart relate and one heat exhaustion. Anyway you put it, it was HOT in July 2010.  

P.S. Everybody is back home safe and sound, TG  


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