June 2014

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Need to start looking for things to do with the Rugrats!

Start planning, it might save you some time and money if you plan your excursions wisely.

Here are some links to some sites that might help in giving you some ideas for what to do with them when the bells ring for the last time this school year.

NYC Official Guide

Mommy Poppins

New York City Pass




I remember just loving summer, it’s probably because of the freedom of not getting up early most of the time, but if you wanted to have a good day get up early was always a good way to go, it just meant more time to do things. I could smell the water coming out of the fire hydrant already.


Some of the other games played in those days were Cocolevio (Ringolevio), Kick the can, Stoopball, Handball, Softball, Skellies and of cause stickball.

Welcome Back Softball to QW,BKN and QE




Congratulation to all Retirees, New Supers and New Supervisors10402911_10154166601020517_2289817021651137403_n

Good Luck Roc

Happy Father’s Day OB

June 15 – Father’s Day

Jeff and Ryan

 Welcome to Fatherhood 🙂

Kudos to my primo Chris for giving back and mentoring at his alma mater Winthrop H.S. Happy Father’s Day.

2nd Tuesday in June, the 10th this year, is the Museum Mile Festival on 5th Ave, this is always a nice reason to get out of the house.

National Garbage Man Day

Good Job Danny:) Happy Father's Day

911 Memorial Museum is now open to public

Emerald Society

Mets DSNY Day

mets-logo-new-york-mets-15833925-1500-1500From DSNY Family to everybody at DSNY, have a nice and safe summer.

Some things to keep in mind.

Keep an eye on everybody when around water, especially kids.

Watch those fireworks, keep all your digits.

Avoid dehydration, drink plenty of water.

Pace yourself or run it up before that Sun starts beating on that skull.


Safety First and Always.
Answer Key 4509

Answer Key 4509

Be careful of what you wish for:)

Good Luck to all that took the exam!

Live long and Prosper:)

DSNY Family has forums for you to use now, please be kind on the public forums, if you want to start a forum you must be a site member, if you want to put a forum for gripes, you are more than welcome but it must be moderated and made a private forum so the public doesn’t see our dirty laundry. The forums are for information you might have about DSNY, and personnel could find useful to make their career a little bit easier.

group pic cartoon

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