Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas hasn’t change much since I was here last(12 years ago).

The casinos are pretty much empty, not completely but compared to what I remember, they’re empty, but it looks like they’re still making money, or at least I didn’t.

You couldn’t even tell it was the week before Christmas around here, apparently they don’t want to offend anybody, but around the residential area it was more noticeable of Christmas I was told.

The Las Vegas strip is littered with people giving out these little business size flyers for strip joints and the like and its very annoying traversing thru all of them, sometimes ending up walking in the streets to avoided them, very dangerous sometimes, throw in people trying to (give) you things from free tickets to shows and free drinks and other promotional stuff to get you to buy Timesharing and it could get overwhelming at times.

The people,food,excursions,shows and the attractions all were excellent and made it all well worth the trip here.

I did not see all the free shows that goes on here for one reason or the other but some of the free shows I did see and recommend to you to see if you decide to come here are:

The Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio.

The Atlantis and Festival Fountain Show and the Aquarium at Caesars Forum Shops.

The Water Show at the Bellagio.

The Volcano at the Mirage.

Sirens of TI at Treasure Island

The Lion Habitat Exhibit at MGM Grand.

If you decide to get tickets to the many shows around, go to M&M or the many Half Ticket spot all across the Las Vegas Blvd or the Strip as they call it around here, but the tickets are for the same day and you’ll save a bundle, they also have half price tickets for dinners at some of the local eat spots.

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