Layoffs begin the process.

Layoffs, Attrition, Demotions or all of the above.

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Here we go again, déjà vu.

This is not the first rodeo for DSNY, we’ve been here before, we know whats about to happen or do we?

Option 1: Layoffs

Opinion: Slim chance for many reasons for instance snow, Sanitation Workers retiring at a good clip, Corona Virus taking a toll on workers not being able to work and last but not least Overtime(nobody likes to pay overtime), I know what you might think, it happened before it could happen again. While I have to agree with this thinking, this is always the last thing anybody wants, but push comes to shove it could happen(slim chance), but on the bright side to this scenario, you will be the first to get your job back.

Note: You are allow to be credited with up to 30 months maximum time for prior service or Military time depending on the time you have respectfully.

What does this mean?


Sanitation Worker A has 2 years on the job with no prior city time or no military time will get laid off before Sanitation Worker B with 6 months on the job with prior city time or military time if that time after adding it to Sanitation Worker B is more than Sanitation Worker A.

Please check all this information with your Union.

Option 2: Demotions and/or just postpone promotions

This one hurts badly because of everything that goes with it, you have to go back to work with people you might of pissed off, loss of pay except in some cases you might make more and depending on how long you have been in that title.

This concerns both probation Supervisors and non-probationary Supervisors.

If you are a Probationary Supervisor you go back with no lost in seniority as a Sanitation Worker, but if you are not a Probationary Supervisor you go back as a bottom feeder for a year(double check the probation time in this scenario with 831) then after that probationary time you get your seniority back. Both types get their pay as a Sanitation Worker depending on their status(time) on the pay scale.

It all depends on the numbers.

How many Supervisors needed for how many Sanitation Workers we have(this will probably be taken with Night Plow 2020-2021 in consideration).

Option 3: Attrition

This will most likely be in the cards and I think it will have the biggest impact on the decisions that will be made by the Department.

Option 4: Buyouts

I don’t see this coming, but it won’t be the first time I was wrong. My reasoning is that it involves money being dished out for you to leave, just in case you have been sleeping for the last few months “THERE IS NO MONEY THE CITY IS BROKE”. But you never know.


Now this is the elephant in the room.

Win Win situation is more retirements which I think would benefit everybody because it would allow the city to hire new Sanitation Workers, no demoting, and maybe squeeze in some promotions, this will get more on the job getting paid less and would lessen the overtime, the only downside would be more would have to be paid out to retirees. This scenario(hiring) is one that could go either way, the question could be, How many to hire?

Don’t worry be happy

4 things that I see that are certain

  • There are no easy answers(pick your poison).
  • There might be some that will lose something(demoted, not promote, working shifts that they don’t like, working more than they were(weights and no time off), and some will be waiting a little bit longer to get on the job.
  • Everybody is not going to be happy with the results. I hope I’m wrong.
  • Harry will always fight for the guys/girls jobs and will try to get the best deal for as many as he can and save as many jobs as possible.

My Advice

Things you could do.

  • Do not panic, everything will be OK. Nothing will be gained by panicking, it might be that some will think this is the end of the world, but it is not. You are in control, you got this. If you are one that panics and can’t help yourself, talk to someone, try to get some help with your concerns.
  • Start thinking of your options.
  • Get your finances in order.
  • Limit social to just subject information, not gossip.
  • Get a full physical and medical workup.
  • Get your news from the source (Union Reps).
  • Trust Harry and don’t forget this job is dangerous enough and with this Corona Virus going around it is more important to have your mind on the prize, earning a living for your family and keeping yourself, family and co-workers safe. Go to work and just don’t stress it, you have enough to worry about and let the Union worry about this, that’s why you pay your dues.

All information above is from my recollection as it was put out when there was a similar situation as best as I can recall.

Double check all above information with your Shop Steward.