Let the Games Begin

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There is nothing better than spending a cold day/night in a cozy bed under the blankets, but it is especially gratifying after spending some very cold nights as a NYC Sanitation Worker/Supervisor.

Its not that I haven’t spent cold nights before my stint with DSNY, what made working during the winter a little bit rough was not being prepare on some occasions for some reason or another, for example in the beginning of my career I would wear my long johns only at night or when I thought I would need them, well I learned early that you can not put it on if you don’t have it, but you could take it off if you do(simple as that).

In other words prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


Yes I am, I am very thankful this year for being able to be enjoying the fruits of my labor. We have lost a lot of friends and family this year and pray we don’t lose anymore, but I am thankful for the ones we still have around.

A Sanitation Worker’s Prayer at Roll Call

We come to you this morning to give you praise and glory and honor, to thank you for waking us up this morning in our right minds and keeping us safe through the night.

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Please be safe and praying everybody has a great holiday season and night plow.

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