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What you Said?

Yeah, we have a very colorful language, some of it might sound downright unappropriated for the civilize world, but remember we are dealing with some unusual circumstances here.

My favorite is:

“You’re only as good as your last load”

Some might find this offensive. Well here in DSNY land it means yesterdays work doesn’t count if you did a good job and picked up a ton(s) of weight. But wait how about if you didn’t do a good job yesterday, well that will be remembered and sometimes for years to come, lmao.

I remembered a foreman introducing me to my Super 13 years later as the one that gave him a half a load back 13 years ago(smh), mind you I was barely on the truck in my early years and I was never in charge of any route due to the inexperience and lack of knowledge of being on the truck, in other words I don’t remember what the hell he was talking about. He even told me who I worked with. Yeah! You’re only as good as your last load if its a good load and you finished your route.

“Oh well, it is what it is!” Forward and Onward life goes on.

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You don’t say!

It takes 700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt.

USA Snapshots

What not to do in the heat!

  1. Don’t drink anything with ice(might give you cramps).
  2. Don’t exercise(heat stroke).

Congrats to all promoted and new retirees.

Stay Alert Stay Hydrated Stay Safe

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