Long Day Q6 Saturday 62 section

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Started with 28 dollars, lost 8 of them, I don’t know how (Bad start), Working 62 section, Andy’s off, 6 for 7, 5 splits recycling, Mac working recycling, Jerry in, Joe out for the day, 4 action centers, 1 job from Andy, 1 sick check, 1 Row tow recheck, even the clerks got into the game, they gave me 1 stop.

  • Stroke book
  • 6:45 10-1 K
  • Signed broom #1
  • Checked A/C #1 Checked stop in 61 section, not my section I gave to Jerry.
  • Check DVO row tow recheck-still on location.Checked AC #2 dead cat-confirmed-on curb, pushed into street so broom can pick up, I was ready with bag and shovel(he was a big one).
  • Sign 2nd broom-gave him dead cat stop, that’s why I shoveled the cat into street.

Checked A/C #3 Whitson st. 7 stops out, each stop had something wrong, gave the block a class thru 2 home owners, white bags, not tied, not sorted, cans not labeled. 5 summons easy, issued none since I gave them the class, that was punishment enough. Have to take labels to Mrs. Igoe on Monday, A/C killed almost 45 minutes, easy. Nice lady, met her husband, he was rushing to play tennis(83 years old)amazing. 2 stops, household waste given to alley truck for pick-up. Block is serviced by alley truck and might be passed up because the crew might think it’s being serviced by regular collection crew, have to check routes and monitor.

Off to A/C #4 Union and Woodhaven, dirty area, inaccessible walkway, tree stump, at first sight doesn’t appear to be problem, I called the complainant and after talking to him, he pointed out gravel on sidewalk, only walkway to shopping area nearby, and tree stump pushed aside making walkway narrow for foot traffic. All I was looking for was litter, will meet with him Monday with Joe’s OK. The situation might be a Community Board problem.

Checked the clerk’s stop even they got into the act of making me work all day. Picked up by Joe and Mike.

Confirm A/C #2 done

Checked broom again, checked trucks and routes everything looks good, went in for lunch, no summons yet.

Lunch over, back to work, checked routes and broom, went to Andy’s stop (pictured below), can’t tell if stopped picked up or building is storing bags by fence for next week pick-up, will monitor and give my report to Andy on Monday, Roc and Rooc and splits still out, 2 R09 issued. Went to wrong address on sick check unable to check, he is not answering his phone, did not realize wrong address until I went back to garage (my bad), plus he lives in 61 section, not my section, he finally called on my way home, he was sleeping.

13:15 time to go in, signed 350’s, turn in summons and give final report to Jerry, signed out and got a ride home (wife has car), TY Benny. Long day over. TG

Summary: Good day, People work better when happy, and left alone to work, covered 5/6 of District. This is not what I signed up for, TG this is not an everyday thing.

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