Long Summer 2020

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Oh what are we going to do, vacations probably are going to have to be well thought out, if you’re planning on going away. Some vacations are stressful enough then throw in this virus and it spells a very stressed vacation.

Could it be done, probably, I think I’m going to drive to Florida for business and try to squeeze in some RR. The bottom line is to survive the trip literally survive. Some planning would have to be done, lessen stops and some PPE would be very helpful.


  • Public bathrooms
  • Hotels
  • Eating out

Trusting people to do the right thing might be my biggest concern.


  • Painting
  • De-cluttering
  • Home improvement
  • Plan things to do for kids(social distancing)
  • No mass transit(this could change, don’t see it right now)
  • Parks(social distancing)
  • Fishing

Some things to keep in mind.

  • Social Distancing: Small gatherings 6 feet apart which limits us to family outings only, maybe.
  • Masks: Its going to be hot! Lets hope that sun helps us out.
  • Gloves: I’m starting to like having a towel soak in bleach and rinsed, keeping moist and dragging it around with me better than a glove. I keep it in baggy also gets pockets cleaner.
  • Hand sanitizer: Good to have on you when you go out.

Everybody ain’t taking it as serious as maybe they should be.

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Upcoming Exams

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Online applications must be submitted by September 13, 2020. Results from the examination will establish an eligibility list that may remain in effect up to four years.

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