Long Winter 2000-2001

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Winter 2000-2001, one of my longest winters, Q12, about 75 sanitation workers enjoying their first winter, all good guys and girls, one wasn’t even old enough to go to Jersey to do a relay, to make matters worst, it was my first year as an R.O., no clue on what happens in the field, with 4 years as a supervisor, what a shame, I wouldn’t trade that winter for nothing, it was the winter that I started learning the job.

We had an officer(Fernando) that just got promoted that winter doing accident reports almost everyday, these guys and girls were knocking everything under the moon down, mostly minor stuff, no major accidents, TG, talk about on the job training, boy were they bad, but they were trying real hard to do a good job, so it didn’t seem that bad.

The accident reduction program was in effect at that time, I think our goal for that year was 15% less than 57 accidents from the prior year, well that went out the window by March.

“Thank You for the visit this year.”


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