Macroburst 2010

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Microburst Ridgewood

15 minutes into my drive to Home Depot, my wife and I realize we had a problem, never thought that it would take us 6 hours to travel 2 miles to and 2 miles back.

Wow! what damage, next day will tell how bad, but this night was telling us that come morning we are going to see some stuff that has never been seen around here in a lifetime.

Trees is the word for the week, trees was not the only casualty from this macroburst, they were also walls, signs, cars, houses, stores, and sidewalks, nothing was spared. A young woman’s life was lost also, our prayers  are with her and her family.

Crews Clean Up from 2 Tornadoes, Macroburst Damage | NBC New York



  1. That was something else wasn’t it? Never been so afraid of any weather related event in my life before. It really is a miracle that only 1 person died. I saw the aftermath a few days later at Juniper Valley Park and at Flushing Meadows Park, made your jaw drop to see how big some of these trees were. This clean up is going to take months, hopefully the Feds will provide assistance.

    How fast things can change in life, for the good or for the worse. I heard Queens Blvd was a parking lot even at 12:30am. Backed up from Queens Plaza up to around Forest Hills. While listening to FDNY on my scanner it was non stop all night, they sent Bronx units to Queens, Brooklyn units to Staten Island. DSNY played a role in the cleanup as well as other agencies from in and around the tri state area.

    Good to see you had a great vacation, you are well rested for night plow now, take care bro.

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