March 2011

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With new rules, promotions, transfers and retirements happening within the Supervisors ranks, everybody is scrambling to get a steady and good spot, which are getting harder to find, it seems all the big rocks have been eliminated or taken I’m just happy to find a little rock.

Night Plow

With Spring here and Night Plow winding down, I for one am happy for this. Good Job this winter, considering the backlash of the response that was given to the December 26, 2010 blizzard, and the nonsense that followed.

S/W Mike Russo QE

Prayers to S/W Russo and his loved ones, a quick and complete recovery is our prayer for you, and a reminder to all of you to stay vigilant to the dangers we all face on this job(everyday).

Safe the Rain Forest Project

Kudos to Stevie for helping to save over 50,000 square feet of Peruvian Rain Forest.

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