March 2014

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Withnight plow almost over, god willing, Sanitation Workers get prepare for next month exam, because everybody else is. Make time to study.

Supervisors start skeeeaming or getting your ducks in order for a long summer, unless they make a class of 500 you getting Saturdays or Mondays off are almost certainly  going to be denied that leave.

This job definitely  is not too friendly with you and your family, unless you have some time on, either way you are going to miss your share of birthdays and weddings, but with a little planning and some luck you should be able to lessen the hit.

Keep in mind that March could bring chaos, too, it’s just Mother Natures way of reminding us who’s in charge. So stay alert out there.

In case you did not know. How cold was it this February? And here are the numbers.

February 2014



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In this issue: World's Columbian Expo site of firsts, Focusing on Walking Liberty halves, Inexpensive halves, Fake dollar caught in time, Readers' coin finds and U.S. coin values.
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