Merry Christmas DSNY Family Weekly V51

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A Christmas on the road 🙂

Yes it was a long year for this family, but lessons were learned and old myths proven in my eyes. We started the trek in early December 2015, on the road which took us to stops in New Jersey to see family before that long drive that would take 3 weeks to make. Florida or Bust!

The next stop was Washington D.C. to spend a few days with our grandsons and give them an early Christmas feeling and some spoiling 🙂

Myrtle Beach was the next stop for some shopping and some R/R, after a few days back on the road to Atlanta, which we never been to before for some sightseeing and a little fun enjoying the city.

After a few days at Atlanta came the big drive, not in distance but in heart, we were making a change for a new life and some uncertainty on what was life going to bring to this family was on my mind.

All awhile we never questioned what was it going to be like because we knew we were together and nothing else mattered.

And that brings me up to Christmas Day 2015, there we were in a hotel room in Orlando not too far from Disney and believe it or not Wanda and Samantha was asked to start work a few days before Christmas right after getting here, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating our blessing, we were together and that was all that mattered.

We dressed the room up with some lights and opened up some gifts and proved that it doesn’t matter where you are at as long as you are with your family you are home.

Merry Christmas 🙂

Wishing everybody a very Happy Holiday season 🙂

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