Mock Snow Storm 2011

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Yeah baby! Putting it all together. I think we did quite well, considering all this technical stuff, it seem like everybody was into it, phones, laptops, radios, blackberry, beeps and arrows, chirps and talking on the airways, forms and alerts.

I could see me in a helmet with a camera on it, by next year. If they really want me to do a better job they should get me one of those scooters from the scooter store, to get around the garage.
22 free king winters I’ve been doing this and it never fails to amaze me how stressful this stuff is before the first snow of the season .

What did I get out of it?

  • I learn route 5 and 7 is two pages not one this year.
  • Learned forms on phone.
  • Met some new bosses.

What did I remember?

  • Some need more supervision than others.
  • Where and how to use some of the paper work.
  • How everything works.

What am I’m looking for this night plow.

  • Quick, Quiet and Safe night plow for everybody.
  • Some O/T, not to crazy.
  • A good holiday season with the family.

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