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Sam stuff old manWhat is DSNY Family? Answer! A website, It’s my views and opinions of things that have gone on during the last 132+years and current events that effect us, At no time am I representing DSNY as this site has not been sanction by NYC Department of Sanitation, but I think we need something like this to improve communication and remind the world of what we do.

I am not here to post bad stories, political(limited) or religious(limited) they must have a good reason to post, because those stories pits us against each other and that’s the opposite of what the site is meant to be.

Some pages on website might look like they’re incomplete, there’s a reason, they’re there for you to fill in, I will fill in as much information I can gather up, but, I can’t answer everything, your help would be appreciated.

Some of the pages will help Sanitation Workers and Supervisors study for promotional exams, help in vacation picks, and help you when going out-of-town . This site will always be trying to informed you of the going on’s in the department, on and off duty.

With DSNY Family Blog, we will try to find out what is being said, thought and going ons out there that might affect us in the pursuit of happiness on and off the job.

With that said, let me point you to some of the stories that have polls going, its all confidential and I think it could be fun trying to see what everybody thinks on some of these subjects. Just go to the tag DSNY Family Polls and that will give you all the DSNY Family posts with polls attached to them, there are polls on some pages also, ENJOY : )


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      Thank You Lisa, I could say the same to you, I love the pictures and the stories, they do us justice, keep up the good work, we need all the help we can get in keeping us grounded(in life, not grounded no license), Again Thank You for those kind words.

      Chasing Sanitation

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