New Sanitation Workers DSNY Family Weekly 28

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There is nothing more exciting than starting a new job. So here you are, welcome to hopefully a long and prosperous new life(career).

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride 🙂

Graduation, Promotion and Awards Ceremony - Oct. 2015

My Ten Worst Shifts

  1. Christmas Day-Line
  2. New Years Day
  3. Thanksgiving 4-12
  4. 4-12 New Years Eve
  5. 4-12 Super Bowl Day
  6. First day after Vacation
  7. Saturday 4-12
  8. Monday 12-8
  9. Any shift after a holiday
  10. 12-8 after chart

In Loving Memory

Anthony Recine, Retired Sanitation Worker CTU

Steve Kirsch Senior Hebrew Spiritual Society Executive Board, Retired Administrative Manager PMD

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