Night Plow 2010-2011

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Here we are, another winter of Night Plow. What is Night Plow? Night plow is when the NYC Department of Sanitation deploys workers to man equipment 24/7 for the winter in case of snow. Have a safe and prosperous Night Plow. Be Safe-Work Safe.

“I am pleased to announce that the Department is ready for action in the event a major snowfall hits the Big Apple.  All Sanitation personnel are gearing up for another winter that may bring heavy snowstorms, but the Department will be prepared whether only an inch or mounds of snow hit New York City.” 

Commissioner Doherty


  1. Doherty should retire already, what is he? 72 yrs old? that money hungry greedy bastard. Once Bloomberg leaves, he will get the boot ASAP. What an outrage that he was bought back from retirement, must be great being pals with a rich crook like Bloomberg.

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