Night Plow 2011-2012

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Oh! What a year makes, same time last year we were ringing in City Time and DSNY 2.0. So what has a year make? For starter some of the following:

Bin Laden
Big retirement year / Small hiring year.
The modernizing of DSNY continues. G.P.S. up the kazoo.

More computers than I can count, unfortunately no Facebook or Twitter access.

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Mock Snow Storm

Clearing streets of snow


Boy those days I remember like yesterday, we just barely made it thru the night plow season the year before, but the damage was already done.

There were computers all over the place and no one around was aware what was coming, I was expecting some of them to be put in the bathrooms.

We were being questioned on our every move and being monitored like they thought we were the enemy and the cause of the 2010 blizzard.

Prius was popping up everywhere, that was a big mistake as we soon found out. They were just not made for the snow.

Retirements went up because of the knowledge that everyday your job was being scrutinized and nobody likes change and change was being done and more was coming down the pipe giving some a very uneasiness to their life.

Over the years there was always some changes to how we did the job, but this was different, no one ask how we can avoid the fiasco of the previous season and no one knew how the force was going to be affected.

Looking back the one thing that was a bright spot to all this was the improvement to payroll, but it was a bumpy start to that process and I believe that was long overdue, if you were there before you would know it was not a perfect system and very cumbersome.

Overall, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Everybody have a safe and prosperous Night Plow.

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