Night Plow 2016-2017 Recapped

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Well its over(Night Plow). Now What?

For some its going out of town and accumulating hours for those long summer ahead, for others its getting all your ducks in line to retire.

Keep in mind that hours are always good but planning is in order(Saturdays and Vacation extensions), because even though you have them(hours) they can sometimes be hard to use on Saturdays.

As for the soon-to-be-retirees you too better do some planning, and if you are moving to another state research and planning will be your number one objectives.

Painting the map.

Number One Gripe this winter.

Boy there is nothing worst than driving around aimlessly during the night, but the options are limited especially when the decisions are being done for no other reason than to show that we are out there. In the beginning of Night Plow is not as bad as the ending of it because you are learning the routes and the equipment but at the end of Night Plow it gets very monotonous, throw in a mild winter and being questioned at every turn and you have a long Night Plow.


Hiring 2017

Uneducated guess! Soon! So if you are close to being hired, you best get ready. After June would be my guess, my reasoning would be that the Department would have a general idea of guys/girls putting in their papers and the new fiscal year starts on June 1st. With that said and money always being a reason to hire, you never know how long  the City will wait to hire. Another tell tale sign is after Night Plow, usually the guys/girls get their calculators out at this time and start the process of reviewing their options. Good Luck 🙂

In Loving Memory

Frank Landers Retired Director Bureau of Cleaning and Collection

John Francis Devaney Chief Manhattan

Frank Perrone Retired Supervisor

Aaron Rodriguez Sanitation Worker Bronx 9

Darrell Lindos Sanitation Worker Queens East 12

Vincent Failla Spinello Retired Sanitation Worker

Paul Holmes Retired Sanitation Worker Staten Island Lots

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