Night Plow 2019-2020 Recap

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So here we are, Night Plow over and entering a world that not one of us could have ever imagined. The end of Night Plow has always been a time to celebrate a new life and put those winter doldrums away. This year was especially special as we did not get no snow to mention. New York City Had One of Its Least Snowy Winters on Record

Well this year the only celebrating comes in the form of retirements for some. This menace that has befallen us is taking a toll on the young so a pattern is emerging, it appears that some are taking that 20 and out option more seriously now than they would of, if this virus was not here.

That being said it should be a banner year for the 5001 list. I could only guess that the Department will be doing some hiring before next Night Plow. The Department could not take a chance of being short handed especially with this virus most likely still being around.

Can’t help but think of the guys and girls and what they’re going through. I hope and pray they’re taking this thing very seriously.

Safety First Safety Always

“If You Have a Lemon, Make a Lemonade.”

Dale Carnegie

Take a moment daily to laugh.

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