Night Plow 2020-2021 Recap from the outside.

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It could have been a lot worse

December 16-17th
Winter Storm

January 31st-Feb 3rd
Winter Storm

February 7th
Winter Storm

February 18-19th
Long Duration Wintry Weather
Not Bad 🙂

I didn’t work one day for DSNY but I felt like I did(big brother watching and trolling :). With some Pandemic roaming all over the place and staying home is not a option. Yes, its been a long year, I understand.

I’m sure help is in on the way to give everybody a chance to relax a little and maybe make some good memories and put 2020 behind us.

Some money was made and some nerves were tested but you made it. Its always been a good feeling taking that board down. Wishing everybody good health and a great 2021.

2020 Winter

I’ve seen a lot worst as far as snow goes, but, I think with the Covid-19 virus going around and boys/girls retiring at a good clip making snow/collection a very big priority. From my perch and my bias, I give a 10 out 10 to DSNY.

Good Job boys and girls. Enjoy your Summer and make some good memories.

Safety Always

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