Night Plow Starts

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For most guys and girls night plow starts in early November but for some of DSNY it starts in September. Preparations begin in September for garage personnel and the stress level begin, some bosses lose their minds and the trickle down affect begins for Garage Supervisor and Garage personnel. This is the part of the yearly ritual where you see the Snow Super more than any time of the year(or should see). Its not that you don’t want to see him, its they could be more annoying and counter productive than helping to get things done sometimes.

Suggestion: KEEP THE BUILDING CLEAN – some of these bosses have never picked up a broom but that won’t stop them from annoying you on how the building has to be kept clean, very annoying when you’re trying to get some things done.

HINT: Get that Super and Snow Super to give you any kind of help on keeping the building clean.

It’s not just the Snow Super getting and putting pressure on garage personnel, throw in Chiefs trying to flex their power, they too get into this idea that their presence will get the job done quicker or better(sometimes they do), but most of the times they just are coming around because they have to and they too become counter productive and look to nitpick(very annoying) to Garage Personnel(Who cares? Right)

Even if you are not garage personnel you can still help.  You too can do the right thing at this time of year, because the traffic around buildings begin to increase and the next thing you know you are either getting in the way of getting things done or getting in trouble because someone isn’t  happy that day, either way stay out of the garage detail if you’re looking to skate, not a good idea at this time of the year.

Hope everybody had a nice summer, but, boys and girls “Lets get ready to Rumble” Stay safe!

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