November 2014

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Its lonely around the neighborhood at night, well not on Night Plow 🙂 24/7 of DSNY, got to love it 🙂

Please be safe out there, have a safe and good Night Plow people 🙂

I’m sitting this one out, bring a copy of the 32 and give me my plownyc screen and I’m set to go, but this season I’m doing it from the comfort of my home. No radio and no nonsense, got to love it. I could run the district from home with my Facebook and Twitter screens open 24/7 I should be able to follow the action, you know what that means, the bosses will also be following, so think before posting.

Question: Am I going to miss it(night plow)?

Answer: Oh! Hell No!

It’s one thing coming in to work and trying to clean the city, its another thing trying to stay out of trouble, they do not go hand in hand these days(nights). The last 3 years have been a disaster when it came to having a decent night and doing the job with all the politics in and out of the department. Throw in video,GPS and 24/7 news and you have some nasty days/nights.

One could only wish that the department will be a little bit more smarter and leave the supervisors alone to do their jobs because they are going to have their hands full with all these new Sanitation Workers in the field with no clue on what to do and the last thing you need is a boss trying to make a name for themselves on your back and just getting in your way.

Either way I hope for all of you guys and girls a good and safe winter and always keep yourself and partner safe and go home and get some rest, tomorrow is another day(night).