NYC Sanitation Worker Exam 2060

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Well boys and girls it looks like they’re going to attempt to administer an exam to join DSNY.

DCAS site says it will begin accepting applications beginning on June 8, 2022. Just remember that you are still in unsettle times and things could change on a dime and plans do get changed, so please keep yourself updated.

They are somethings you need to know.

Keep in mind if you apply and don’t show up for exam, there is no do over, you will not be allow to take the exam(No makeup dates) and no refunds, no excuses.

The exam is basic and should not have questions that only a Sanitation Worker or Nuclear Scientist would know, so it gives everybody a decent shot to do good.

Points are given for being a Veteran, prior work for another city agency or being a child of someone killed in 9/11.

In my opinion take the points or you can bank them for later use on a promotional exam later in your career if you make it that far. My thinking is to get the job first(take the points). You can not use them twice.

Now, all that could change, you have to get the application first which is not out right now and see what they’re looking for from applicants.

I know its a long time to June 2022, but I can not stress enough to stay up to date with this exam as it only comes around a couple of times in ones life.

Its a good job and it will get you a pension and a chance to save some more{401k) for those raining days we call “Senior Years”.


How Can You Find Upcoming Exams – Department of Citywide Administrative Services (