NYC Unknowns

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Tuesday November 30th, a little after 0500 hours, caught up with Q9 basket truck doing Metro in Q6, Mike and Albert on the basket truck. Two of the strongest, everything OK with them, signed ticket, talk to them for a minute, I leave, need fuel, on empty, headed to garage, about 5 minutes later I get a call from Mike stating they have an 88-year-old male lost, Oh boy, no fuel, I crossed my fingers and headed to 71 and Metro where the crew is with the man. Mike apologize for bothering me, that was funny, because I understood that he too and everybody in DSNY right now is tensed due to all this demotions and lay offs going on around them and it’s making people unease, but we continue to perform. Yes! Albert and Mike went back on their route.

I stood with the gentleman and called 911, NYPD responded, the gentleman’s address is confirmed  and NYPD took him home, but not before I got to know this man a little, very sprite, smart, in shape, proud of his life, loving of his wife, veteran of WWII, former boxer in Ridgewood Groves Arena on Palmetto and Cypress, close to where he grew up.

Thanks to Albert and Mike for stopping this nice man and helping him get home. It gave me a good feeling that these two young men had the sense to help some one in need and it also gave me a new friend.  Merry Christmas Arthur 🙂

And that was just one story, last month it was Joe and John seeing an older gentleman fall on his face, now bleeding all over and not wanting help, for whatever reason, this crew also did the right thing and called 911 and got help for this gentleman from FDNY EMS. Good job guys 🙂

Last winter it was Gus and Chris that found a mature woman sprawled out across a driveway, they also called 911 and stood with her until FDNY EMS responded. Good job guys 🙂

It’s happens more than you think, thru the year we are involved in the neighborhood we work in and are constantly giving people directions, information about waste disposal, best place to eat in the neighborhood, there has been instances of going into fires, and every so often we get involved in more serious situations .

We do this because? “It is what it is”, that’s how we roll 🙂

Happy Holidays 🙂