91,000+ Apply for a chance to be a Sanitation Worker

October 2014

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October Funny month! As in, it might be the last time you see daylight for awhile for some around DSNY. The yearly ritual of enjoying daylight and resting at night, begin to end. This years night plow, I’ll be looking from the sidelines. Every year we go thru the snow training and the bouncing around for threats that could kill your social life. I could never get use to it, it could be very annoying to your personal life.

Start your scheming now, plan for  a lot of missed events.

If you are planning getaways try to remember Saturdays are work days and your vacation starts on Sunday,  you might be called in the next Sunday if it snows unless you on Vacation(starting) you will be called in on the Sunday you are due back from Vacation.

Check with your Shop Steward or Supers Clerk for advice before making plans to get away.

As for the snow training, take advantage and reacquaint yourself to the special training, its been a long time for some behind anything other than a rear loader. Get familiar with the paperwork and the reports. For the new Sanitation Workers listen and pay attention!

Safety First and Always

Some things to keep in mind

  • Get all your doctors appointment done early.
  • Don’t make to many plans to go out in the winter, or get ready to sell or give tickets away 🙁
  • Get plans for emergency baby sisters.
  • Stack up on your cold weather clothes for work.
  • More ideas

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