October’s Top Stories “Electronic Timekeeping and A New Agenda”.

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City Time and Demotions was this months favorite words and Supervisors were involved in both these subjects, first they taught us to work with this new electronic timekeeping system and the next thing we’re getting beaten over the head with a new direction of operating and caught everybody by surprise, and 100 lives and their families are now being tested with anxiety and frustration.

Some of these guys were up for the next rank of Superintendent and now will be at the bottom of the whole Department, amazing, you study and try to do the right thing and BOOM someone you don’t even know or doesn’t know you gives you and your family stress and takes away money and a chance to improve your lot in life.

In times like this we should be helping to save jobs and working together to accomplish this, the freekin politics comes in and fks everything up, LIKE ALWAYS!!!

It’s not over! Joe and the rest of the posse has always done the right thing with me and I have the utmost confidence that he will have all our concerns and interest at heart or at least try to address them as best as they can to lessen the hurt on everybody concerned. 

In Unity there is Strength


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