OMG, Its cold! Whats the Plan?

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WOW! I haven’t been in this cold in a long time, these are the days I rub my badge and thank God for giving  me this job, but its still not fun looking at the guys work in this weather. The PLAN tonight was just get off the streets as much garbage as we can into that truck and get everybody in, Thank God compassion was in the air. Note: The compassion only lasted this night, the next night it was business as usual.

Started 2014 with a nice little storm that cause us a week of sleep deprivation and some nerves being tested, Mike got some OJT on what its all about, tag you’re it(THAT’S THE PLAN). In Q6, the streets looked good, like nothing happened, good job guys!

Got a Sunday and a Chart out of it, and the catch up begins, can’t wait for everybody to go back days and take the cold with them, and my behind back inside, nice and warm, that’s the PLAN.

Looking back I can’t help but think about the storm on January 8, 1996, that had to be my worst storm, there was a lot of thunder and it lasted all night  with Kenny next to me all night on the Jackie, we weren’t as savvy battling these big storms we get around here in the winter. That storm was the first time I saw V-Plows used. I don’t think we had all these snow melters, but there was a lot of piling and hauling being done. We learned from that storm.

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It's Cold
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