Perfect Pushups – Not so perfect

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September 2008, I have stop smoking already 8 months, and gaining too much weight, I was using the treadmill for my legs and cardio, and I wanted to get my upper in shape, to match the bottom.

Well, I spotted the perfect push up in GNC, and decided to get them, I followed warm up warnings, and it was working(looking good, feeling good), muscles were getting too tight after 2 months, decided to take a break.

A few weeks later I got the sharpest pain on my upper right arm for what felt like a few seconds, well pain left, so everything is ok, right?, wrong!, for the next few months I started developing aches(PAIN) on both arms, the right worst than the left, jump to September 2009, the aches have gotten longer in time and worst in pain, time to find an orthopedic doctor, my cardio Dr. Mahadin recommended Dr. Youm(good choice),

MRI was scheduled, and that’s when the damage was found, cartilage tear. Operation recommended, too close to night plow, will do operation after night plow. Money has to be made!